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18-05-2006, 23:41
How about making the telegram system a little more "inbox-like" by recording read, and unread telegrams and only show the number of unread once on the mainpage?

Also the mainpage, the nationdescription, how about adding a "last-updated xxxx xx/xx xx:xx" function there?
18-05-2006, 23:53
1. If it came about it would likely be done as part of NS2 rather than this version.

2. I'm pretty sure there is a reason for why that's not done(something to do with an illegal activity) but not sure the specifics.

ooc: Not a mod
19-05-2006, 00:10
something to do with an illegal activity

What? :P
19-05-2006, 01:03
What? :P
Unfortunately I don't remember, but I think I remember the question of when things were updated came up in moderation and that was the reason. I'm not a mod thought so I could be mistaken of course.