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Issues always "Unadressed"

17-05-2006, 20:51
Whenever I decide a course of action for an issue, I go bact to the last page and find that it is still unadressed. I tried moving out and back into my region, but that didn't help.
17-05-2006, 21:11
It's a slight glitch. It will show "Unadressed" but it has logged the link that you pressed. Wait till the next update and you will have new issues.

I get this problem every now and then, it's not that big of a deal.
17-05-2006, 23:25
It's on your end. It has to do with your browser not refreshing the page. Click inside the main part of the page and press <Alt-F5>. Should fix it.

Shaz, you've provided incorrect information in a couple of recent tech posts. Please verify your information before responding in future. Thanks.