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only one issue

16-05-2006, 21:38
When i created my nation the first thing I did was changing the number of issues per day too 2 (and yes I did press save)

Iwe played for 3 days.. but still just only one per day, making it a total of .. hmm.... *thinking....* ... .. .. .. .... ...... three.... ! =D Yeah three!

The genii nation
16-05-2006, 21:54
ooh cant say i can help u. i wont insult ur intelligence by telling u to make sure u clicked the make changes button after changing the issues button.

i wont
16-05-2006, 22:08
good... dont do that:P ;)
16-05-2006, 23:39
You get one issue approximately every 12 hours, not 2 at the same time. Also, just to make sure you picked every day and not every weekday.
17-05-2006, 10:51
I did only receive 1 per 24 hour for the first 3 days.... And I had sett it on every day and not weekday...
Anyway, it works now... Dont know if there might have been some kind of delay in the issue database
17-05-2006, 19:39
Just a slight glitch.....nothing to see here...move along