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I was Banned?

The Five Castes
15-05-2006, 04:52
I tried to log in to the forum today, and the message returned telling me that:
"The Five Castes has been banned".

I don't know exactly what I thought when I saw that. I was shocked to say the least, since I've been lurking logged in for days without posting anything. I guess I'd always assumed that if I crossed a line, the response would be more immediate. I didn't even have a telegram explaining my infraction, and I really wanted to know what I'd done to merrit a full ban.

I sent a message on the getting help form asking what I'd done, not really hoping to contest it, but more so that I'd get some closure. The response telegram was from a moderator telling me to try loggin on.

Since I'm here, I assume this means that there was some sort of technical problem. I'd like to thank whoever it was that sorted it out.

I figured I'd use this thread to thank whoever fixed this for me, and warn everyone else who may have been hit by a similar glitch that they haven't neccisarily been banned for real, but that jolt may just be acting up.
15-05-2006, 04:57
File a Getting Help request if you see a banned notice for no reason. In most cases, we'll sort it out within 24 hours. This has been a common problem with March 06 and April 06 nations. If you're not that new, chances are we meant to ban you. :cool: