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The Main Page...

14-05-2006, 14:59
So today i start up Firefox, and go to the Main page of, and before i log in, i notice(Well it is quite obvious) this:


And that Banner at the top of the Page stays there throught the website for me. My only question is the following: What the hell is going on ?
14-05-2006, 15:01
Oddly enough, I haven't got that, even cleared the cache and I dont get it. Wierd.
14-05-2006, 15:04
NationDates' comeback?

Seems quite odd, doesn't happen to me either, though. Are you using a shared computer? Someone might have played around with your cache.
GMC Military Arms
14-05-2006, 15:07
Checked yourself for viruses and spyware? If so, try clearing your cache with Firefox on another page and reloading.