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Nation States Education Program

08-05-2006, 03:48
I've been looking into the programs offered by Nation States for school education programs. The only information regarding this topic in the FAQ has been very vague. I was wondering if there is a moderator or an educator currently using this website who could better explain how I could use this.
More specifically, I would like to know about the variations of gameplay that is available and if I could provide my own "role-playing" scenarios that would affect the gameplay.
08-05-2006, 05:05
I'm assuming you've looked at this page:

Roleplay can not affect the gameplay in the sense of the game imitating it, but you can direct your students to exchange the delegacy to reflect what is happening in your classroom.

As to how to use it... there are suggestions given on that page. And if you want, be even more creative and move beyond that.
Determined cows
08-05-2006, 19:44
The FAQ details the basic points of the Edu system. You can RP, but this won't change the actual gameplay values.

Be creative. :)