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Two users with the same IP address

03-05-2006, 13:37
The nations Mahdinkeskus and Maltairan are managed via the same IP address, which is because I and my little brother play the game on the same computer. These are not accounts of the same user.

Some forums and online games tend to be intolerant towards having multiple accounts used via the same IP, so I wanted to inform the administrator so that
he or she knows that no cheating has taken place.
Crazy girl
03-05-2006, 14:38
As long as you don't both join the UN and follow the rules it should be okay, afaik
03-05-2006, 17:21
But what if neither of us joins the UN? Is it still ok?
Legendary Rock Stars
03-05-2006, 17:23
03-05-2006, 17:28
If you stay completely out of the UN, you can both have as many nations as you can keep up with. :)

And if someone decides to join the UN, then only one on the computer you both play on.