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flag questions

02-05-2006, 05:54
I want to make my own flag, but everytime I create it in Word it is too large for the download. Any ideas?
The Most Glorious Hack
02-05-2006, 07:06
Use an image editing program as opposed to a word processer?
Armed Texas
02-05-2006, 08:32
My problem is I want to change my custom flag to another but for the last three days I've been unable to get it to do so :headbang: . The flag I want to use is 106x69 in jpeg format at 2.06kb. But no matter how many times I've uploaded it I keep getting the same flag I had before. I tried to change another of my nations' flag with the same results.
02-05-2006, 16:05
Malaguai, you can download free trials of Adobe Photoshop from their web site. try that to make your flag, it will make the image size smaller

Armed Texas, did you try clearing you Browser Cache. you can do this by going into your IE options and clearing the contents of your Temporary Internet Directory. Then load up your NS Page and press the F5 key, that will force a complete browser refresh. If that doesn't work then it must be an error somewhere else.
Armed Texas
02-05-2006, 20:09
Ah, that might have been the problem. My computer literacy is rather limited :p . Thank you :D .