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More Power for Founder?

McTaco Duck
30-04-2006, 04:44

I was just wondering, how do you choose a UN deligate for your region? And how do you let others be like mods or something?

Legendary Rock Stars
30-04-2006, 07:46
In order to get a UN delegate, you have to have nations in the UN, including the nation(s) that want(s) to be delegate. Whoever has the most endorsements at the server update (happens once every day, time depends on what time zone you're in) becomes the delegate. If the founder of the region has delegate controls turned on, they get the same powers as the founder: ejecting nations, changing the World Factbook, etc. (but at the cost of regional influence; founders never use influence in doing these tasks). If the controls are not turned on, the delegate still has the power of increased presence in the UN in terms of voting.

As for other people being "mods" in your region, you could just elect people to take on certain roles, such as one person for recruitment, one person for internal affairs, and things like that. They wouldn't get any of the founder/delegate powers, though.