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29-04-2006, 11:59
Hello, I am speaking through my second nation. When I got on this moring to post on a RP war I am in with Monkey Fights, my main nation, I got this meesage from the forums;

vBulletin Message

You have been banned for the following reason:

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

I have only posted about 50 times, and only in embassy, two rp, and a couple issues threads.

As I said, I am in the middle of a battle and would really like to know what is going on. I was never warned and know I didn't post anything that was offensive. You can search my name and see I never violated ant rules. If someone could at least please tell me why I was banned, that would help a bit I guess. If it was a mistake, could someone please change it, because I really liked Monkey Fights and if I can't get on the forums, the game is very limited. This ia a plea for help from the mods.

Thank you,
The country known as Monkey Fights
29-04-2006, 12:38
Must be nice to have such a clear conscience.:)

There is apparently some sort of forum glitch that makes some nations get that message, so you're right not to panic yet.

This is what the Known Problems ( page has to say:Forum (You are "banned" permanently with no reason given): This is the other side of the "You don't get logged in" problem. We're working on fixing this. Please check to ensure that you've set an email address with your nation. If you still get that error, please submit a Getting Help request.
Anyway, here's Getting Help (
Monkey Fights
29-04-2006, 16:46
Thank you to the mods