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Changing Government Type for New Nation

27-04-2006, 16:59
I just created my first Nation (yay). However when I was creating it I had an invalid character in my motto and it booted me back to the main screen. This reset all my pull down menus. I don't think I set my nation to "Anarchistic" and instead got stuck with the default of "Sensible". Is there a way to change this?

IF NOT, I am appealing to a mod or similiar and asking them to delete my nation so that I may re-create it without having to wait the 28 days. I wouldn't raise a stink about this but "sensible" is <i>far</i> from anarchistic. Or, well, not that far if you have the same view of anarchy as I do. *grin*

Either way, is there someone out there in TV land that can grant my request?
Emperor Matthuis
27-04-2006, 17:37
There is no way to change this. Mods won't delete your nation and even if they did you would not be able to recreate it.
27-04-2006, 21:24

*sigh* There goes Utopia, lost to a clerical error. Sad, really.
The Most Glorious Hack
28-04-2006, 04:35
The pull-down only affects how your nation starts. You can change it to whatever you want via issues.