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Delegates approving proposals

27-04-2006, 14:47
I have a question about delegates approving proposals. The queued repeal of "Citizen Rule Required" has an approval by Monkeymanspleen. But they are not a delegate - the delegate of their region is 3y3r001yu. Furthermore, the unpronouncable one has been delegate of Rule Britannia for 26 days. Their regional happenings are only 9 days old, so I can't tell if Monkeymanspleen moved in in that time (however, his influence level is Diplomat, which suggest he's been there some time). The proposal reached quorum on the 16th April - 11 days ago.

How is it possible Monkeymanspleen approved the proposal?

(Incidentally, this is emphatically not a legality challenge. I very much want the repeal to pass.)

Note: this is an example. There are several other similar approvals, and I've noticed it in the past.
27-04-2006, 16:22
Yeah, i saw that too. It's messed up and i was wondering how it happened. Any mods know whats goin on?
27-04-2006, 23:18
"I rule you". Hardly unpronouncable, assuming you speak bastardized leet.

As for the other question, that's a matter of verifying delegate endorsements, which is done at major update (I think). Only an admin is going to be able to address why it doesn't seem to be changing, and none are currently in-pocket.

Are these particular endorsements in any way critical, or does the repeal have sufficient approvals to proceed to the floor regardless? If it's in contention, I'll try to flag somebody. Otherwise, it's just a matter of intellectual curiousity that has no particular timetable, and we can wait until somebody has admin time to spare.
27-04-2006, 23:23
No, it's in no way critical - the repeal has 80 extra endorsements. In fact, I probably wouldn't have raised it if it had been critical. It's just curiosity.

"I rule you". Hardly unpronouncable, assuming you speak bastardized leet.
Ah, I didn't get the 1=l. It all makes sense now...
03-05-2006, 14:22
bump, but it's nothing urgent.