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Help Im new

Raphael the Archangel
26-04-2006, 20:56
Im new to Nationstates and im not sure how to improve my economy or make changes like that can someone help me!
Evil and all bad doing
26-04-2006, 21:40
the way to change your country and what goes on in it is done by answering issues. You get a new issue everyday or you can set it to 2 issues per day in your settings. This is called playing the issue game and is veiwed by many as boring.

There is also the invasion/defence part of the game which i take part in activley. This involves moving un nations in and endorsing a set out pointman to take over the delegacy thus meaning they have some control over the region if the founder allows it-if there is no founder then the delegate has control-. Defending is just the act of retaking an invader held region or stopping an invasion. I personally am an invader and am part of a very successful raider org called 'invaders' which you can visit at the region 'invaders'

Then finally there is the roleplaying aspect of the game. This takes part in both the 'international incidents' part of this forum and also on alot of regions own off site forums. What you do in roleplay does not effect your nation in anyway unless you break rules, meaning it can be deleted.

Hope this is of help
Evil and all bad doing
The Swamp
27-04-2006, 01:35
Your game statistics are also affected by UN resolutions (should you join the UN). Free Trade resolutions will build up your economy, while environmental ones usually dampen it.