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United Nations Regional report

22-04-2006, 15:07
This idea has probably already been suggested or is impossible etc, etc... but I just wanted to ask whether it would be possible to have a united nations report for regions as well as individual nations? Not only would it be able to help people to find a region they would like to be in, it would also be interesting to see how regions pit against each other in certain categories - for example [at the time of posting] the united nations report for nations is on the most environmentally beautiful nations - well for what I'm suggesting it would be worlds most environmentally beautiful regions? Probably impossible but I justed wanted to ask about it!
22-04-2006, 15:25
One problem I foresee would be the larger regions would have an unfair advantage unless you somehow accounted for regions with 6000 nations vs. 2. And it would be a lot easier to get a small region 100% the same as opposed to a larger one, so percentages wouldn't really work either. :p
22-04-2006, 21:08
The same things happen to nations, though. I think it's an interesting idea, and it is possible. I wouldn't count on it, though.