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Random banning

Nova Boozia
21-04-2006, 20:09
I recently created a puppet, Jingoistic Empires, and made a first contact thread, a typical ft affair, which, due to my low experiance, contained a slight puppet-wank, and my opponent also godmoded a little in my opinion. I try to post again... and it says I'm banned! Anyone else had such a problem before?
21-04-2006, 21:09
When did you create your puppet? If you created it in March, it might have been the victim of the Jolt glitch.
21-04-2006, 23:16
It's actually March and April now, and fairly random.
22-04-2006, 10:13
I thought you weren't allowed to make puppet nations? :S
St Edmund
22-04-2006, 15:15
I thought you weren't allowed to make puppet nations? :S

You can make as many nations as you want, it's just that you can't have more than one of them as a UN member at any particular time... and that using them for mutual support in roleplaying -- or to support each other's statements elsewhere in the forums -- may be seen as rather unsporting...