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How do I send telegrams?

20-04-2006, 21:58
Having just set up a region, Mings Communist Dictatorship(all hail), I wanna know how i send telegrams to other nations asking them to join me. any help at all is appreciated
20-04-2006, 22:19
There's only one way that i know of.

If you go to the nations information page, scroll to the bottom. There is an area down there that says "Send this nation a Telegram". Type what you want in the box and then type "Send" and off the telegram goes to their inbox.

Although there are what are called "Feeder Regions". These are regions in which nations start out in when they are created. You are allowed to post Regional Advertisments in them, but are limited in how often you can post it. I would see the One Stop Rules Shop for more information about that.