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Question about all the types of Economy/Political/Civil

15-04-2006, 21:29
I'm trying to find an exact ordered (from the worst to the best or the other way around) to Economy - Civil Rights - Political Freedoms. I kinda need this as quick as possible. Can someone help me or direct me to a valid link?
(I want 100% sure, I seek to implement this into a RP that I'm doing for my region and is deemed to start really soon)
15-04-2006, 22:41
(--)Economic -----------Political Freedoms----Civil Rights(-- )
(15)Frightening---------Corrupted------------Widely Abused
(14)All-Consuming-----Widely Abused-------Frightening
(13)Powerhouse-------Excessive -------------Excessive
(12)Thriving-------------World Benchmark----World Benchmark
(11)Very Strong--------Superb-----------------Superb
(09)Good----------------Very good-------------Very Good
(06)Developing---------Below Average------Below Average
(02)Basket Case-------Unheard Of-----------Unheard Of
15-04-2006, 23:07
Thank you very much!

Is this 100% correct? I found somewhere else some of these sligthly arranged different. :(
16-04-2006, 12:33
Mmm... does nobody know the exact list?
Emperor Matthuis
16-04-2006, 13:23
16-04-2006, 14:33
So Valori's list was correct and the other I received was not. Thank you.