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New posts not showing up

21-01-2006, 23:22
This is the second thread I've had do this to do. The first time all I did was repost and it showed up, but this time it isn't working.

I made a new post that wasn't showing up at all. It was even supposed to be the first post on page 3 (I have my posts per page modified from the default), but when I try to go to the last post or even view page 3, it takes me to page 2. So I tried reposting as I did the last time this happened, but I still can't view my new post(s).

BUT, when I hit 'reply' and scroll down the page to the last posts, I can see both of them.

Help! I know it's some freaky Jolt thing, but does anyone know anything about this?
21-01-2006, 23:59
Sometimes when posts are deleted from a thread (either self-deletes or mod removals) the thread index doesn't properly recreate itself. You might be able to fix that with a simple bump, which you can then self-delete. If you don't want that, then ask us to hard-delete any soft-deleted posts in the thread (which I just did). That should re-index the thread.