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New Country not getting New Issues

The Ballistic Chicken
21-01-2006, 18:19
It's been something on the order of 40 hours. I reposnded to the first issue waiting for me after I created my country - but haven't had any new ones since.

I have "Two per Day" in settings
Vacation mode is NOT checked
I have less than 5 issues waiting to be enacted (I have exactly 1)
I created a second country last night (before midnight EST) just to see if it would work and it hasn't been updated either.

I have made a good faith effort to read as much as possible before posting here.
I am in the Pacific regieon (the default for new countries)

Hope this is the correct way to try and get this resolved.

The Ballistic Chicken
21-01-2006, 18:21
PS - my "other" new country is Super-position
21-01-2006, 18:30
Try switching regions, that usually fixes this problem.