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Log-In Problems

16-01-2006, 22:56
I seem to have some weird log-in difficulties with this nation on this forum.

When first I first access my NS nation's page and then follow the lefthand-menu link to the fora I'm all fine and logged in.

But when I try reaching General over my bookmarked link, I am not logged in and receive an error message whenever I attempt to log in. With my username and password working on NS, this shouldn't be the problem, right?

Also, I should mention that clicking / copypasting the link in the email verification message returns an error message as well. (One asking me to lodge a GHR, but I thought it might be more appropriate here. Please correct me if I'm wrong and I'll use Getting Help).

Thanks in advance
16-01-2006, 23:38
NS password changes do not auto-synch with Jolt passwords. If you've ever changed your NS password, you will need to use your original password to logon to Jolt directly.

Also, Jolt has been flaky of late, and it's possible some new nations are being created without corresponding Jolt accounts. That can usually be fixed via a Getting Help request.
Determined cows
17-01-2006, 12:14
^ Beaten to it.
17-01-2006, 15:21
Thanks, Fris.

Yes, this is a new nation, so no, I have not changed my password. But thank you for lining out that possibility. I will remember it should I ever consider changing my password in the future.

I have witnessed the Jolt mess-up..So I'll go through GH in a minute. Thanks again.
17-01-2006, 23:57
Sorry to have been trouble, I did use Getting Help but then it occured to me to just let Jolt reset my password, which I received and tried out and now everything's just dandy. Once again, sorry to have brought this up before thinking twice.