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I've made a mistake..

Romaniaa 2
12-01-2006, 05:21

I've made a mistake and I can't log in my nation - "Romaniaa 2" (there is no way I can recover my nation now). Please, is it possible for you to transfer the foundership of the region "Trav Khar" from "Romaniaa 2" to the nation "Romaniaa IV"?

Thank you for reading this,
12-01-2006, 06:26
I believe this belongs in the moderation forum. Especially if you want the mods to notice and try to help you out.
12-01-2006, 07:40
I didnt know that was possible! Huh.
The Yi Ta
12-01-2006, 11:38
normally the mods will say they dont change founder/appoint founders except in exceptional circumstances and tbh it doesnt sound like you fit that. If its a small region maybe you could try getting everyone to leave and then refound it after the update?
14-01-2006, 02:26
Have you tried the forgot password link?

I have never seen the mods transfer founder status in a situation like this. Your best bet would be as was mentioned above, ask everyone to move out so that you can let it die and refound it.