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Changed password... problem is that Profile password remained the same...

Sovereign California
04-01-2006, 06:57
Everytime I get logged out by the forums for being on too long without having done anything I cannot log back into the forums with my current password... and the goddamned Jolt Forums won't send me my 'profile' password so I can change it but simply send me my username and the URL of the damned place to change my password.

Damned stupid part is that I need the password I used on my profile to change the password to the password I am currently using!!! HELP!!!

With regards, Misty Kotani.
Sovereign California
04-01-2006, 07:10
Nevermind... I just changed it. I almost destroyed something it was pissing me off that badly... but I fixed it now :P

~Psychotic Ninja-babe :P