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Auto-login not working

31-12-2005, 21:04
I have auto-login enabled (and have double checked that it was not somehow changed) but every time I return to the website, I am logged out. Cookies are enabled, and in my options I have it set to keep cookies until they expire (as opposed to the options "ask me every time" or "keep until browser closes). I am in Firefox, but the auto-login was working fine until just recently. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, that would be greatly appreciated.
31-12-2005, 21:57
Go into Firefox's Tools / Options / Privacy / Cookies / View Cookies tab (in 1.5, may have a different approach in yours) and clear the autologin cookie from under Then go back to NS and redo your settings. Your cookie probably got corrupted.
Steel Butterfly
31-12-2005, 22:05
This happened to me too with does every once in a while and then after a month or so it'll go back.
01-01-2006, 00:03
That seems to have worked, thank you. Just mentioning that even though "" is part of the address for the forums, I didn't see any cookie with "" so I deleted cookies with "" or some similar variation, and the problem seems to be solved. Thanks again.