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Pride and Prejudice is Oxymoon?

Pride and Prejudice
29-12-2005, 00:42
I have two NationStates, the Queendom of Oxymoon, and the (whatever title I chose) of Pride and Prejudice. For some reason, when I started logging in as Pride and Prejudice, the left sidebar has logged in as Oxymoon - the top thing is Oxymoon, the region is Oxymoon's region, etc. However, the main screen is still Pride and Prejudice, and when I go to the UN, P&P can still get in. When I log into Oxymoon, there is no issue. It's still Oxymoon, in it's proper region, and unable to enter the UN.
Since both Oxymoon and P&P have very different uses, it's important that I can tell the difference between the two while deciding issues, but with this bug, it can be hard. Is there anything that can be done?
29-12-2005, 03:24
Yes, it's annoying, but it's on your end, not ours. This is a browser cache issue, and it affects me too.

You should be able to force a frame refresh on most Windows browsers by clicking inside the frame in question (in this case, the Sidebar), and hitting <Alt-F5>. I'm pretty sure this will work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. If you use something else, look in your Help documentation under Refresh or Frame Refresh.
29-12-2005, 03:32
How are you logging in to one nation while you're on the other one? Are you possibly using a separate window and then going back to a previous window?

Sometimes a browser won't reload the frames, so if you've opened up multiple windows, one can be stuck on the old nation. You could try forcing a refresh of the page, Ctrl-F5 with most browsers. It should force the frames to reset to the correct nation. That's the only thing that's worked when it happens to me.
29-12-2005, 03:44
How are you logging in to one nation while you're on the other one?
I see this regularly in Opera when I do a quick logon to all my puppets, using the logout button in-between. The only in-game way to force a refresh of the sidebar is to move to a different region (viewing a different region doesn't do it). The Sidebar may say that I'm in PuppetA in The Pacific, but if I click the links after logging in with PuppetB, the links take me to PuppetB's telegrams, region, etc. Usually. Every once in a while the region link takes me back to the other puppet's region.

You could probably force a frame refresh by changing the random 5-digit number in the page URL (which Admin put there specifically to deal with cache issues), but that number is usually hidden by the frameset. You can also clear your cache manually to do it. Multiple choice, none of 'em particularly good. Sorry.