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Any mods, please help.

26-12-2005, 21:40
I have forgotten my password to my nation. My nation's name is Indigan. I included my E-mail address in the register and have gotten E-mail cofirming acount, with a verification link when I first started. I have recently forgotten my password and did not automatically log-in. I have supplied my nation's name and my E-mail address to the Forgot Password link and it said that it sent me email with my new password, but I didn't receive. Now I know you you guys are trying to work on a solution, and I really appreciate it, but since I have not gotten my new password I currently cannot log in to NationStates. But what is ironic is that I recieved an email for a new password from this very forum just minutes after I tried to get my new password from NS. So if you could please tell me what progress has been done to fix this problem for me and everyone else I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for all the good work so-far,
26-12-2005, 22:16
Forum Password = Nation Password
27-12-2005, 08:19
Thats a tough dillemma.
27-12-2005, 08:50

Your problem is likely that AOL has decided that our mail is spam and has blocked it for your protection.

We'd appreciate it if you wrote to them to complain; this is a problem we have specific to that ISP.