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[NS], Begone!

14-12-2005, 03:41
Hi, I've been registered on the forums for about a week now with the moniker "[NS]The-Republic," even though my nation name is simply "The-Republic." I made a side mention of it in the UN forum, and was told that it was one of Jolt's quirks and that it could be removed via a request in Technical.

I'm curious though: will removing "[NS]" reset my post count? If not, then I humbly ask a mod to dub me "The-Republic," but if so, I'll just keep the "[NS]."

The Damned People
14-12-2005, 03:49
No, changing a name will not remove your post count, because your membership is still under the same account. Board administrators have the power to change your post count, as well.
14-12-2005, 04:14
M'kay, thanks.

Sorry, I don't really know the heirarchy of mods, admins, deities, etc. and their respective powers.
14-12-2005, 04:25
Short answer - we're on Jolt forums, and NS powers do not equal Jolt powers. It takes a Jolt admin to fix that.

The admins occasionally send a list to Jolt, but it's not speedy, and there are other priority issues. I'll point out this thread in any event.
14-12-2005, 04:37
Thanks a bunch.
21-12-2005, 07:06
You get [NS] if there's a pre-existing Jolt forum account with your nation name. So we prepend [NS] (or [NS:], or [NS::]...) to give you a unique forum name.

I believe Jolt never deletes old forum accounts but merely puts them in a hidden state, so it's not possible to get the [NS] removed without causing conflicts.

Incidentally, this is the problem that's holding up the release of old nation names: I can't work out how to get the forum to reliably assign them a new, unique forum account.