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Government Change

Mad Poodle Eating Dave
13-12-2005, 14:41
Is there any way I can change my government from one that is ruled by corporations to one that has a psycotic dictator who refers to his people as "my little play things"?
13-12-2005, 14:52
Yes, just set your "New issues" to 2 per day, then favor issues that help corporations, avoid issues that too extreme (anything dealing with mass executions for example)

you should see a change withing a few days. I was a Psychotic Dictatorship a day ago :D
14-12-2005, 05:54
If you want to become a psychotic dictator, just choose issue options that look like they'll reduce freedoms. Anything like "Kill them all!" or "the government should rule everything!" or "voting? why should we bother with that? I can decide everything best myself" ought to do it.