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My nation is gone, can't vaidate e-mail for new one

The Wimbledon Wombles
09-12-2005, 16:16
A couple of days ago, I tried to log in to the forum and got a message that I was banned for no reason forever. Trying to check out on my nation, I got the message that it "no longer exists". Any explanation as for what the hell is happening?

Also, I have, as you can see, registered with a new nation- but I cannot validate my e-mail to post on forums. I got TWO messages with TWO DIFFERENT links for e-mail validation. Neither one worked.

09-12-2005, 19:08
You posted didn't you.
The Wimbledon Wombles
09-12-2005, 20:50
Now- yes, but I still don't understand what happened. And it would have been nice to find out what happened to my old nation. I made myself quite a name under it ;)
The Most Glorious Hack
09-12-2005, 21:17
Well, I'm kinda tight on time, so instead of scanning through all 900,000 deleted nations, how about you give us the nation name?
10-12-2005, 00:42
I remember seeing him mention his previous nation's name earlier in General. It's The Holy Womble
The Most Glorious Hack
10-12-2005, 00:50
Last login: 29 days ago

My nation has vanished!

First, make sure it really has vanished. When you search for or try to login a nation, you must enter its name (e.g. "Mynation"), not its full title (e.g. The Republic of Mynation).

If it's really gone, there are two possible reasons why. If you haven't logged it in for 28 days, it will have been automatically purged. Otherwise, a moderator may have removed it for breaching the site's rules.

Logging into the forums is not sufficient to keep a nation active. 'The Holy Womble' has been restored.