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How long is an NS year?

22-11-2005, 18:27
Hello all! I was just wondering, How long is an NS year?
22-11-2005, 19:04
Anyone Know? And please tell me how long an NS month is as well if you know.
22-11-2005, 19:11
However long you want it to be. NationStates is a 'freeform RP' environment, which means everything related to your nation is up to you.
22-11-2005, 19:13
It's been my experience that the years and months are generally as long or as short as you wish them to be. It really depends on what kind of RP you are doing. If you want to take a long time covering a short period of time in your RP, then feel free to do so.
Atlantian Outcasts
22-11-2005, 19:15
Some people tend to like 1 RL day = 1 NS year.

However, I like fluidic time. I avoid specific dates, and slow and speed up time as needed. Slowed down for RPs, and sped up for normal day-to-day changes in my country.



[/ninja vanish]
22-11-2005, 19:22
We use fluid time.

If you intend to RP, it helps to establish how the passage of time will occur -- ie: how long a month and year will be.
22-11-2005, 19:23
[QUOTE=Atlantian Outcasts]Some people tend to like 1 RL day = 1 NS year.[QUOTE]

Thats what I like to think :eek:
The Bruce
27-11-2005, 23:49
My Greetings to All and Sundry,

Time is an iffy construct in terms of Role-Playing. It goes at the speed of posting in a thread. I’ve seen some threads go at real time and at other times the thread goes into a time warp with regard to that nation’s activities with other nations and other events in the Nation States Worlds. This is usually due to the different posting frequency of one nation compared to another (my low post count in the NS Forum for instance is due to my involvement in my own regional Forum, where it is nearly 2000 posts).

The standard RP equation used is 1 day= 1 week; 1week=1month; and one month=1 year. This is to keep threads moving quickly where general day-to-day mundane activities aren’t being RPed. In a lot of cases, the Nation States year is equivalent to our own, with regards to yearly tournaments and anniversaries.

So you can see that it is very difficult to have any time constant with so many different variables and players. I’ve had some threads on the Wysterian forum that spend months dealing with the events of several days; while the rest of the region chugs along in real time. One lunar mission taking only two weeks of actual time took nearly a year to come home. Obviously, no one is going to have the rest of the players of a region or indeed the rest of the Nation States World wait on one slow moving thread to conduct their normal role-playing and business, so things continue. On the whole, time and events move at the speed of posting. No faster and no slower.

The Bruce