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UN Reporting

North Cahalane
18-11-2005, 16:53
:confused: I have always asked what is the easiest way to see, once and for all, who has the better nation? I could always look at UN reports, but that might not work. The reason? Because if it was on one section, like the rudest citizen report, how could you check of the economy was one step ahead? Can you just show a section for all the reports and check who's on top?
18-11-2005, 23:36
Well you really can't see who has the "best" nation in NS for the same reason you can't in the real world. There is no measure for that. Just like in RL, each nation is so different that you can't measure them against each other. Each nation will emphasise what they think its important and say they are the best, which brings us back to the NSUN categories (nudest, rudest, etc...)
North Cahalane
23-11-2005, 16:02
:) That makes perfect sense.
23-11-2005, 18:58
There is really no way to decide if one nation is better, but a really awesome economy comparison site is NSEconomy ( It tells you everything you could want to know about your national or regional economy.