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Ammending existing Resolutions

Nos InCOGniteo
07-11-2005, 21:02
Couldn't find this on the search, so I don't think it's been covered.

Basically, I'm seeing a lot of 'new' resolutions to repeal 'old' Resolutions simply so they can be replaced with better worded, more detailed but otherwise essentially identical 'new' resolutions (e.g. The BioWeapons resolution).

Be much easier if the proposer could simply submit their proposal as an 'Ammendment' to an existing resolution. The Ammendment could be simply an addition of a few lines to the original resolution or a total rewrite. Either way, it would be put it to Delegate approval as usual. If it goes to the vote and passes, it immediately replaces the old resolution. No need for a whole new proposal to replace the previously repealed proposal.

Make and sense?
07-11-2005, 21:08

You can't amend proposals. Period. You can't add on, you can't adjust, you can't edit. If you want to change an existing Proposal, you have to Repeal it first.

Whether it makes sense or not, I think it's unlikely to happen.
07-11-2005, 23:58
Couldn't find this on the search, so I don't think it's been covered.
Go back to 2003 and 2004, and you'll find it one of the most common of suggestions and discussions. After long and arduous thinking, coding, and considering, [violet] and Salusa decided the only way it could be properly done was with (what is now) the repeals process. That was instituted in September of '04 (, and was greeted with much excitement.

It's all you're gonna get. Sorry.