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Stupid I know but...

The Noble Men
21-10-2005, 21:01 I have any U.N nations?

I've kinda forgotten the names of many of my puppets and I was wondering if any of them were in the U.N. I don't want to form another U.N nation just to find out that I already have one and get into trouble because of it.

Obviously Mods only should answer, since they and only they are privy to this information.
21-10-2005, 22:11
The long answer is
Maintaining a puppet stable is the responsibility of the players, not the mods. If you can't keep up with your puppets and have to ask this sort of question, you have too many puppets ... even if it's only one. We are not a nanny service, we're here to deal with rulebreaking and technical problems.

Short answer - didn't see any.
The Noble Men
21-10-2005, 22:16
I see. Thanks Frisbeeteria.