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Only one custom flag allowed?

28-09-2005, 23:07
When I created my nation, I supplied a custom flag. Now, I want to change to a different custom flag, but every time I try to upload it, the old one is still shown as the custom flag.

I've tried switching to a standard flag first and then uploading, but that doesn't work either. Any ideas?
28-09-2005, 23:16
My flag isn't updating after I upload a new one/It says I have outstanding issues, but I've answered them/1000 other problems about pages not looking like what they are supposed to.

This is a problem with caching. The pages/flag/whatever is updating fine, but your browser is using an older version of the page when it is displayed. Caching is something your browser does to save bandwidth (especially for 56k users, who need all the bandwith they can get) by not re-downloading the same files every time it visits a page. Users with slower connections can use ctrl+f5 (force full refresh) to re-download the page just this once while keeping caching enabled if they want.

It sounds as though this is your problem. A forced refresh with F5 is usually recommended, and usually works. (You may need to wait for an official response, but might want to try this out in the meantime to see if it is the source of the problem.)
28-09-2005, 23:24
Thanks. That did the trick.