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Random Events?

28-09-2005, 09:28
I had an idea...

What if we had random events? Like real countries? You know, like natrual disasters - earthquakes, tornadoes, that sort of thing - and terrorist attacks, and maybe even wars - not wars with players, but say wars with an invisible thing. If say our military wasn't getting enough funding, somebody might dare to invade.

All of these would affect things like economy, population, and the issues.

Now as a small country that's just disbanded most of it's military, war and natrual disasters are the last thing I need. I just think it might be cool, you know?
28-09-2005, 14:40
While I'm close to 100% sure you won't see random effects on your nation at any point during NS 1, you could try discussing such effects in the NationStates 2 ( forum.

You might also be able to write an issue regarding natural disasters and your nation's response to them. The effects wouldn't quite be random, but it could be an issue that had no prerequisites before receiving it. :)
28-09-2005, 16:37
Yes, I've been experimenting with such an idea for a while and I'm certain it's possible to do this with issues. Might take a while until fruition though.