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LAN(?) UN multiing?

Turquoise Days
26-09-2005, 23:12
Okay, here's the deal. Just moved in to Uni halls of residence with a shiny new laptop, and a shiny new network conection in my room. I'm connected to the uni network with an RJ45 lead (if anyone knows what I'm on about, cos I don't), and from there I can get onto the net and NS.

Now, this may be a stupid question, but am I gonna get every NS player in my uni busted for UN Multiing cos of this, or do I have a seperate 'identity' to them?
26-09-2005, 23:42
Unless you are doing something freaky with your connection, yes, you will probably get all of them busted.

27-09-2005, 00:04
Medellina, please don't comment about things you know nothing about. You are 100% wrong.

Turquoise Days, as long as you limit your UN nation's NationStates play to your shiny new laptop, neither you nor any uni-mates are in any danger. If you sit down at library or computer lab machines and log on where others might also log on, you are in danger. We have multiple ways of detecting multis, the least of which is a shared IP address. This has been stated multiple times and in multiple places (including the rules sticky in Moderation).

You're probably fine.
Turquoise Days
27-09-2005, 15:40
OK thanks, as i'm checking in from a campus pc i'll run then