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Can't login Country (help?)

21-09-2005, 15:16
Okay, so I know for SURE that I set this password. (And it works, seeing as I have access to these Forums aswell!)


But when I try login my country, it stops me from doing so. So I tried again a few times, and now I am blocked for 45 minutes. Same password.

What happened? I sent a new-password request but so far I havent received any mail. Only the NationStates Forum E-mail Validation.

Ehm..please help?
The Czardaian envoy
21-09-2005, 17:32
Use the NationStates Forum Email validation, use it to access your nation, and make sure your password and e-mail address are correct. If you still can't log in, then there's probably some kind of bug going on, perhaps the same thing that knocked out my other forum account.
21-09-2005, 19:18
I sent a new-password request but so far I havent received any mail.
The instant you clicked that password request, your old password went away. You'll have to wait for the mail to get to you, which can take up to 24 hours. Each time you click the new password link, you get ANOTHER new password, leading to all sorts of confusing emails. I highly recommend that you only click it once, and then wait patiently.

You can access the forums with your old password indefinitely, as that should always stay the same as your original password.

As for what The Czardaian envoy said, ignore it completely. Your validation email will do nothing towards letting you log on to your nation, and there is no 'bug' going around. The only reason he has a problem is that we attempted a manual fix on a duplicate name, and something didn't work right. Nobody else (or practically no one else) should have the same problem.
21-09-2005, 21:37
thank you! I finally received the emails and everythings seems normal now ;-)

Happy governing!