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Your email verification failed.

13-09-2005, 19:51
The URL in the confirmation email is this:

And it changes to this: 0copied%20the%20entire%20URL%20to%20the%20locaton%20bar%20in%20your%20browser.%3Cbr%3E%20%20If%20you %20continue%20to%20have%20problems.%20%20Please%20submit%20a%20getting%20help%20request.

Doesn't matter if I click the link in email or copy & paste.

Clicking to FORUMS lets me in, but I'm not let to do anything.


13-09-2005, 19:58 did post here... so it worked. :)
14-09-2005, 14:13
i've been having the same problem with some of the nations in my region.

two of them applied for membership like 2-3 days ago, and have not received their confirmation email. <---spam filter maybe? if so, i'd have to figure out which domain to accept it from or something

one of them did get the confirmation email, but when he clicked on the link, the confirmation didnt work...said he'd copied in the wrong url. we did this both by pasting the url and by clicking the link itself. that was two days ago.

the first two i can see having the spam filter or just not getting it yet (it only took a day for mine to come in...), but i was concerned with the one whose confirmation didnt work and what to do about it. he has already re-applied to the UN, but no further emails have come.

if you have any light to shed on this, it would be appreciated

Founder of Hadera