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The UN Email is giving me trouble !

13-09-2005, 01:13
Help me ok heres what happens i get the email from the un and i click on it and it says click on the address so i do and it take me to my nation SO WHAT IN THE CRAP DO I DO NEXT PLEASE HELP! Write me to Mistergiggles or THANK YOU! :headbang:
13-09-2005, 01:37
It's a confirmation e-mail. When it takes you to your nation, it's confirming that your e-mail account is attached to your nation (not just some random account you threw out there). After you clicked it, the e-mail address was confirmed. I don't know, depending on where you are in the process, whether that means you can now apply to be in the UN or are part of the UN. Just check

Anyways, this would be more appropriate on the technical forum, not here. Just a note for the future.