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Think Tank Suggestion

08-09-2005, 21:49
Many issues provided do not have centrist, reasonable, or acceptable alternatives to radical and reactionary responses. Such include the uranium mining issue, ancient excavation issue, and religious minister issue.

Beyond this though, the game becomes tedious and annoying when characteristics of your nation (which are felt to be key) do not stick around on the country's main page as well as when a player becomes unaware of how its country is really being judged.

The idea of a think tank being implemented would be designed as follows so it is not over-extended and not deemed as a tool that should be carelessly exercised:

1) Think Tanks would only become available to countries of a certain age similar to how one can obtain the submit an issue option and the ability to customize a government structure.

2) Think Tanks would be linked to the issues page. Currently one can only accept an option for an issue or dismiss it. The Think Tank page would be its own page with a list of all available issues as well as having a direct link from the Issues page itself and all of the issues' pages.

3) When selecting a Think Tank option, the player would have to have already selected an issue for the think tank to be applied to.

4) The Think Tank page would then be brought up which would have gauges that could be adjusted for the desired political, economical, and civil statuses of the country as well as a graph showing the country's history of such statuses.

5) The page would also show scroll down bars which would have words such as "Yes", "No", "And", "But", "Or", etc. These words would determine what parts of a solution are deemed appropriate as well as which parts of a solution are deemed important.

ex. Some players may think that the country's animal being out of control should be addressed differently. The option of preventing people from owning the given animal at all is not provided, so the Think Tank page could provide the phrases such as "Animal [should/shouldn't] be slaughtered." "People [need/do not need] to own an animal license." "Domestication of animal [should/shouldn't] be allowed."

6) Following the figuring out of the given stance, the player should be able to insert a segment he would like to see appear on his country's main page. This eliminates the boredom of reading every country's main page only to see that the same sentences are being used.

7) A confirmation page should be provided that tells the player that {a} the decided stance will have what impact on the country's statuses and {b} that all other current issues will be dismissed for the given day and the next 5 issues so proper implementation can be used for the given customized solution.

The idea would provide much more flexibility for the game and would hold onto active players for longer periods of time. Please consider this idea and if anything seems inappropriate or incomplete, please respond stating what is conflicting so it may be addressed.

Thank You!! :)
08-09-2005, 22:01
This is a very thoroughly composed suggestion - but I think they'd be unlikely to consider coding changes, given the number of times they have said so. Also, the idea of being able to add custom passages to your nation description page (which has been shot down before) could be open to massive abuse.

I'm not speaking in any official capacity, so obviously you should wait for a proper response - but I think it's likely to be a "no". Perhaps you could incorporate these sorts of ideas into an RP?
The Noble Men
08-09-2005, 22:05
So basically, if you don't like the answers to an issue, you can give a suggestion to the Tank on how to fix it? Somehow I don't think it will be accepted due to the fact that the only people who can change issues are game moderators and admins. We only have 2 admins and 4 game mods, of which only Reploid Productions and Sirocco are the "regular" editors. And it takes them long enough to sort a batch of newly suggested issues, never mind current ones. Add this to their Modding duties and then add their personal lives and I don't think they could cope with the demands of the NS community suggesting new solutions.

Unless I've read this wrong.

~The Noble Men
Not a NationStates Moderator~