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Magestic kiwi
04-09-2005, 20:37
how do i figure out my nations income?
04-09-2005, 20:47
1. There are no official in-game statistics, so it's really up to you.
2. What do you mean by 'income'? Government revenue, or national trade income, or what?
3. Commonly, people use 'calculators' such as Pipian, Sunset or NSEconomy. You can't use the latter, as you're in a big region, but you could try NSTracker ( This compiles economic statistics for you.

I suggest you look at the stickies in the International Incidents forum, as they give you an idea how to RP your economy.
Magestic kiwi
04-09-2005, 20:52
government revenue- thank you very much for your help