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I'm regetting brand-new issues!

04-09-2005, 14:17
I seem to be getting same issues again. Not just any, but the ones that are for only for brand-new NS players. (Democracy Should Be Compulsury, Maternity Mothers, Affirmative Action) Could somebody fix this?
04-09-2005, 14:32
This thread ( in Got Issues? explains why this happens. It is unlikely you have a bug - you'll simply have to put up with it.
04-09-2005, 15:34
I have read that thread before. I'm receiving issues for brand-new players and I've done before. I've been playing for two months or so.
04-09-2005, 15:47
This is dealt with in the Issues FAQ ( You will periodically get some of the original issues:

Is there any truth to the rumour that there are two sets of issues, large nation and small nation? if so when is one considered a "large" nation?

There is only one set of issues. You can only get the first 31 (the ones that Max Barry wrote) for the first two weeks or so of playing before getting player-submitted issues afterwards.