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Issues not affecting my country

28-08-2005, 19:33
During the last few days, I've noticed that the positions I take before issues barely affect my nation once the legislation is passed. So far, I've only noticed increments/decrements on my tax rate (+/- 2%) and a slight increase in crime (from "well under control" to "relatively low"), but nothing else (except the little phrases that appear in the last paragraph of the country's description). My nation's ratings are maintained at Very Good (CR), Good (Ec) and Average (PF).

These are the issue I've had recently (spoiler):

- Foreign refugees (Chose to keep the one's willing to work for money; no changes in the economy).
- Poets demand funds (Chose not to give them money, and cut subsidies to special interest groups; no change in my economy).
- Minorities wanting to access certain schools (accepted their inclusion; nothing happened).
- Foreign industries threaten Automotive Manufacturing Industry (chose to raise tariffs to protect my national industry; no changes in my economy).

I've had more but I can't remember at this time. I'm almost sure this is some kind of bug. I can try to move out of my region and back in. What do you think?
28-08-2005, 19:58
I know the larger your nation gets, the less effect they have. Considering your nation is only 23mil though, maybe you should try leaving and returning. Oh, and some issues are just less persuasive than others, so this might be why too.
Infidels and punks
28-08-2005, 20:07
I think that you've just had a case of indecisive options here. If the issues updated, (and by your own account they did) than they must just have been pretty minor issues.