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keyword searching?

Nine Cats
25-08-2005, 15:27
Any chance that at some point we will be able to search regions and nations by keyword? It appears now that when searching you have to get the exact name to get a hit. Would be nice to be able to search regions/nations for some general concepts to find like-minded groups.

Nine Cats
25-08-2005, 16:00
No heavy coding changes will be done to this game. However, this would be a great suggestion to place for NS2.
25-08-2005, 16:20
They won't add keyword searching. To find regions, you could try a Jolt search for your keyword, specifying only the Gameplay forum. Or do a member search for your keyword to find nations.

The nation search system stinks! Can't we add an index or tabs or something?
No. Not techncially possible at this time. However, there is an alternative. Move your nation search out of the main frameset. (Shift-click on List all nations). Once there, advance to Page 2 to bring up this URL

By manually changing the /start=### number, you can advance thousands of nations instantly. A little judicial guesswork will get you into the right neighborhood in 3 or 4 guesses, and then you can advance the page numbers manually to find what you seek.

I doubt this is really what you're looking for, but it might help in general terms (taken from Goobergunchia's updated Tech Sticky).