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Design Differences. Why?

The Noble Men
22-08-2005, 22:13
Okay, I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer to play NS. However, I have to ask why the game looks far uglier in IE.

Here ( is a screenshot of NS when I'm using Firefox.

And here ( is NS under Internet Explorer.

Notice the difference in fonts along the sidebar, those hideous black lines in the IE version, the National Title is chunkier in IE, the colour change along the borders of the book covers, the fact that the book ads look different and that in IE you have to scroll down to see the bottom of the page. And maybe others that I haven't spotted.

So why does it look different?

(Please don't make this a browser debate).
22-08-2005, 22:18
Do you have the newest version of IE? My IE looks identical to your FF screenshot (aside from not being The Noble Men)
The Noble Men
22-08-2005, 22:20
Not sure, but I don't think so. That would explain it though. Thanks.
Itinerate Tree Dweller
22-08-2005, 23:06
It is probably a css issue. Firefox is more standards compliant than IE, so pages will render better in Firefox than in IE. While FF is not 100% compliant, at least not yet, it will render pages much better than IE will, unless the pages were designed for IE's faulty css support.