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Small XML error

22-08-2005, 18:45
I tried finding out the XML for one of my nations (Deleted Nation) and it wont parse. From what I can tell, it does not like the o with an umlat (ö) in my motto. Will there be a way to fix this? Or do I just need to ditch the umlat when I wish to find my data?

Attached is a screenshot:
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22-08-2005, 19:24
I recommend using a different browser ( It renders fine on my system (SuSE 9.0 / Firefox 0.9.3).
22-08-2005, 19:55
Seeing as I am quite happy with IE (and getting a bit annoyed at everyone telling me to switch to FF) I was wondering if there was a way for the coding to be fixed for IE (version 6.0.2900.2180 if it makes a diff).
Crazy girl
22-08-2005, 20:06
Yeah, there's a way of viewing the xml feed in IE sorta when you get this error message, still, firefox rocks :D

If you want this fixed, might be a microsoft thingie :p
Itinerate Tree Dweller
22-08-2005, 22:57
Works fine in my IE browser. Maybe its being caused by a BHO you have installed, maybe the popup blocker? Try upgrading your browser, if possible. Try firefox or opera.
23-08-2005, 00:22

And no... my popup stopper is disabled

Again I say, I am not getting another browser... please dont make this a browser debate thread
The Most Glorious Hack
23-08-2005, 09:42
Loading with IE 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633, it looks just fine to me:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<NAME>Deleted Nation</NAME>
<TYPE>GCEX Member State</TYPE>
<FULLNAME>The GCEX Member State of Deleted Nation</FULLNAME>
<MOTTO>Oberster Kaiser von Gelöscht-Nation, Adolph W. Strauss</MOTTO>
<CATEGORY>Inoffensive Centrist Democracy</CATEGORY>
<REGION>The German Empire</REGION>
- <GOVT>
<FOUNDED>447 days ago</FOUNDED>
23-08-2005, 15:00
Okay... now I am confused...

how is it that TMGH's slightly older works fine, but my slightly newer doesn't?

I suppose that this issue I will need to take up with microsoft, not NationStates
24-08-2005, 03:23
NationStates doesn't handle international characters properly in XML. We know this. You're umlautified O (ö) is not inserted properly into the XML document. What this means is that some xml parsers (such as IE) will not accept it. Others will. In all likelihood, the only place that you'll have a problem with it is viewing it in IE.

You can still get to the XML by going to "View Source"
24-08-2005, 03:47
Ah, thank you all knowing NS-Tech-God