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UN email not getting sent out...

17-08-2005, 12:01
I do not have spam protection, and I have tried several different email addresses... Trying to join the UN on one of my nations, but the server never sents out the UN acceptance email as promised...

Any issues with the email modules, guys?
17-08-2005, 12:26
I can't really help you here, as I never had this probem, bucase my email server does not block spam, it just sends it to a different folder. You would probably not be able to use my email server, as it is all in Polish. Definatly your email server. However, some servers allow you to have a so-called contacts list. If yours does try adding the email <> to your contacts list, as many servers will allow emails from people on your contacts list, even if it is spam.
17-08-2005, 14:32
This belongs in the technical forum, not the Got Issues? forum.