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WAN and UN Nation Regulations

12-08-2005, 19:46
You guys don't delete nations in the UN if they share the same WAN, do you? We have a lot of workers at our job that use NationStates, so we don't want to have anything deleted. Would the WAN cause any of us any trouble with the web admins?
12-08-2005, 20:28
I'm not familiar with the science behind a WAN, but I know that the rule is generally "one UN nation per computer," or, if you want to be extra safe, "one UN nation per IP Address." So, if computers within a WAN share one external IP address (which I think they do, although I'm not sure), you should be pretty safe, though not extra safe.
12-08-2005, 21:13
We have multiple methods of detecting cheaters, only two of which relate to IP addresses. Your WAN buddies should be fine unless they actually ARE cheating.