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Region Delegate Suggestion

Nighthowl Keep
25-04-2005, 04:58
there are alot of nations on nation state and as new people join, the number will continue to grow. These new people wind up in many different reigons, all of which have different founders and delegates. they want to have fun and get active, and part of it is having the oppertunity to be a region delegate, but the fact is they cannot with out creathing their own region most of the time. Many reigions have delegates with 50 endorsements or more. I am not saying that this is bad, but I AM saying that this prevents those the new members from becoming region delegates.

I suggest limiting the ammount of time any one person can serve as delegate, holding actual elections where those that one the job can put their name on a ballot, or clearing the endorsements once every other month. This will make things fair for those that are new and also give new reigions and smaller regions the chance to have abit more power


Nighthowl Keep
25-04-2005, 06:44
I've always viewed the inability of a brand new nation to get the delegacy in a large region as a good thing.

See, being delegate implies that you have the support of your region (or at least a fair slice of it, hopefully) and to a certain degree that you are at least somewhat better than the rest of them in that you are usually a more experienced, senior player who can answer all of their questions one way or another, keep things flowing, and sometimes keep the peace. That doesn't just come to you overnight. It took me a good 6 months to learn the majority of the things necessary to run a region competently and I still learn new tricks every so often. There's no way a new nation would be able to effectively run a region of more than a few nations if they were a strong (you know, RC having) delegate. My weak delegates (Well, I'm currently my region's founder and delegate, so I don't count) could be a new nation delegate just fine, but that's because they have no regional power and really only serve to get tele-spammed to support proposals.

And while your ideas aren't necessarily bad, they're already in place to a point. It's hard to maintain endorsements because nations come and go in rapid fashion sometimes, taking their endorsements with them. If you don't work to keep them up, you can lose virtually all of your endorsements in just a few months due to nation moves/deaths. This does, however, make it easy for new nations that work hard and politic well to gain power in rapid fashion if they press for endorsements like crazy. Further, many of the more "democratic" regions actually do run their own game within NS, limiting the amount of time a person can be delegate and having occasional elections, usually on their own off site forums, for the next delegate, as well as enforcing regional endorsement caps.

So while it may seem like a good idea now that your new, trust me, in 6 months, your ideas will seem like crazy talk, as you wouldn't want all of your hard earned endorsments wiped out nor your powerhouse of a region you've spent way to many hours building up reduced to the same level as someone's region that's existed for 6 hours.

Good luck out there.
25-04-2005, 21:09
Much of the fun of the game for me is setting up a regional government. If the game set elections ect. up for me, much of the fun would be lost.