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Description contradicts itself

21-04-2005, 18:40
My nation's description contains the following line:

"organ donation is compulsory, and organ donation rates have hit a new low"

Either there's no body living in Mauru, or everyone's breaking the law.
Right thinking whites
21-04-2005, 18:49
this is a normal occerance, its due to the way you decided on issues, so its not your nations description that contradicts itself, but you that contradicts yourself, and it will scrool off after you do a few more issues
22-04-2005, 13:07
I know that too. I once created a nation, checked two issues, and it turned out as "Elections have been outlawed and voting is compulsory". I've always wanted to do that again, but I never got the right issues. :(

Another time I got the same issue three times a row, and each time I picked a different option. It's just a side function of the "issues repeating" thing.