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Feeder Region?

Whoa the colors
18-04-2005, 14:10
Can someone please explain to me what a "Feeder Region" is exactly. :sniper:
18-04-2005, 14:12
Wrong forum, but I'll tell you anyway: it's a region where new nations are dumped, basically. When you first register a nation, it will appear in a feeder region -- AFAIK, the various Pacifics are the only feeder regions.
Legless Pirates
18-04-2005, 14:12
The Pacifics and the Rejected Realms.

Those are the only regions where you can go and recruit nations on the regional messageboard
18-04-2005, 19:41
Thats harsh why should new countrys just be pushed aside
Crazy girl
18-04-2005, 20:25
they're not pushed aside..

feeders are regions where new nations are born: the 5 pacifics.

the rejected realms is what we'd call a sinker.
18-04-2005, 20:40
Isn't Lazarus also a "feeder region"? It's where the resurrected nations go, and certain people have referred to it as one.

The Rejected Realms is technically a feeder, but it's just where nations go that have been cast out from other regions.
18-04-2005, 20:58
A feeder region is any region where new nations may appear.
"The Pacific"
"The North Pacific"
"The East Pacific"
"The South Pacific"
"The West Pacific"

"The Rejected Realms" is the region where nations are sent when they are ejected from a reigon by the Founder or Delegate. It is not a feeder region.

"Lazarus" is the region where nations are sent when they are resurrected by a Game Moderator. It is not a feeder region.

--The Modified Democratic States of Cogitation
NationStates Game Moderator
19-04-2005, 00:17
In my opinion a feeder region is just a place your put,
i brought up the same kind of question and the admins nearly died
then by ACCIDENT i put the same question in this forum when i ment to put it in Got issues and they blew up
19-04-2005, 00:19
It wouldn't go in "Got issues?", because "Got issues?" is about the issues you answer to manipulate your nation.
19-04-2005, 00:21
I'm not an Admin, I'm a Forum Moderator. It's my job to see that forum threads are in the right place and to answer questions.

You've asked the same question for practically all of your 21 posts, and it's getting really, really boring. When a moderator gives you an answer, you've been answered. You've heard from at least three moderators and one game administrator, and STILL you go on. Do you not know the meaning of the word "Stop"?

Enough about the feeders. Drop it.